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ClearSounds 2000

ClearSounds 2000:

With ClearSounds 2000, one person can enjoy TV at the sound level that works best for them, while others listen at a different sound level or sleep, read, or study. This completely cordless infrared system houses the latest in technology and delivers superb sound form any TV or audio source. 

ClearSounds 2000     $99.00    

Just plug the transmitter into the audio output jack on your TV, VCR, CD or stereo player. Make sure there are good batteries in the headset, switch the headset on and listen at the sound level best for you. 

The headset offers dual volume controls so that you can adjust the headset to the best sound level for your hearing. 

The headset is hearing aid compatible. If you have t-switches in your hearing aids, you can leave your aid on, switch to "T", and hear with the full benefit of your hearing aids. 

The CS2000 is also compatible with over 5,000 movie theaters, performing art centers and public facilities that use IR systems. Take your own personal headset along and avoid the problems often found at these public facilities with headsets that do not work, have poor sound quality, or have questionable hygiene. 

  • (1) CS2000 Transmitter - 95KHz 
  • (1) CSRX Headset Receiver 
  • (1) AC/DC Power Supply Adapter 
  • (2) Jack Adapters 
  • (1) External Microphone 
  • (1) Owners Manual 
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

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