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Direct Ear 250

Directear Set 810 (replaces Directear 250 Pictured)

The new design of the DirectEar Set 810 improves the sound transmission reliability and at the same time reduces environmental interferences. This is the first Infrared TV listening system to use the 2.3 MHz frequency for broadcasting. 

The system is particularly lightweight, handy and simple to use.

Si-Set810 DirectEar Set 810     $209.00    

The sound from the system is clear and direct without distracting background noise. The headset offers individual adjustment to suit one’s hearing. The unit connects to the audio output jack of VCRs, stereo equipment, caption decoders and newer televisions or with an optional external microphone. The transmitter also serves as a battery re-charger for the headset allowing 5 to 6 hours on a complete charge. 

The Set 250 includes: a powerful TI250 Infrared transmitter with adapter & 1 audio cable RCA plug and 1/8" mono mini adapter, 1 mono RI250 Stethoset Receiver and 1 pair hypo-allergenic ear cushions. 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Comfortable, lightweight receiver (1.6 oz)
  • Up to 124 dB SPL 
  • Receiver features separate balance & tone control 
    Radiating power up to 645 sq. ft. 
  • A receiver currently only works with 2.3 MHz

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