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3 in 1 Gym to Walker


Stage One - Play Gym

0 - 6 Months

3 in 1 Gym to Walker

From Birth to Toddler


Price $47.95     Sold Out


Step up to the ultimate activity toy!


The 3 in 1 toy converts easily from a:

  • Play Gym to an

  • Activity Center to a
  • Push Walker
Activity Center


Stage Two - Activity Center

6 - 12 Months



Stage Three - Push Walker

12 + Months

Features Include:
  • Beats the competition lying down with a trio of entertaining toys.
  • The beads and roller are visually stimulating.
  • The lion is bright, cheerful and plays music.
  • Adjustable links help get the height just right for baby.
  • Offers a world of play that keeps children busy, whether sitting or standing.
  • Toys move, roller bar spins to really give a child something to reach for.
  • Develops hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Provides steady support to the child when he's ready to take those important first steps.
  • Large, fillable toy tray on top keeps the fun rolling along
  • Toys are 100% machine washable.


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